Fighting to End Homelessness Among Veterans

Currently, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that in 2017, 40,056 veterans experienced homelessness on any given night throughout the country. This makes up just over 9% of the entire population of homeless adults.

These statistics represent a slight, but noticeable increase in homeless veterans from the year before. According to HUD’s data, “this increase was driven entirely by an 18% increase in the amount of veterans experiencing homelessness in unsheltered places (2,299 more veterans).”

In Oregon, specifically, there were 1,251 homeless veterans, according to 2017’s point-in-time count. These individuals represent 9% of the entire homeless population, and is consistent with national averages. However, unlike the national data suggests, Oregon’s population of homeless veterans has actually decreased by 9% (or 121 individuals). However, despite this decrease, Oregon is among the top five states with the highest rates of unsheltered veterans, which make up a staggering 53% of the population of veterans experiencing homelessness.

At JOIN we strive to help as many individuals in the Portland Metro area transition out of homelessness and into permanent housing as possible. Here in Portland, the rate of veteran homelessness is a bit higher than Oregon and National averages, at 10.6%. This is why JOIN is dedicated to helping our veterans by guiding them through the challenging transition from homelessness to permanent housing. In 2017 alone, JOIN helped 975 individuals transition into sustainable housing. This includes 120 families caring for 322 children, as well as numerous veterans. 82% of these households were successful in retaining their housing for at least 12 months.

In order to assist individuals experiencing homelessness, JOIN relies on supporters like you. If you’re interested in helping us continue to assist veterans experiencing homelessness throughout the Portland Metro area, please donate today, or visit our list of needs to see how you can contribute.