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Our Service Model

We seek out unhoused individuals and families in Portland and work with them to provide permanent housing.


We work with our unhoused neighbors and seek to fully understand their situation as they make the challenging journey from living on the street (or outside) to safe and secure housing. These face-to-face relationships are unique, and the most powerful tool we have to combat isolation and build trust among a community that continues to be marginalized.

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Case Management

We ensure the people we serve can navigate various challenges with confidence and ease. We facilitate connections to essential resources such as employment services, transportation and companionship to medical appointments and offer support during court proceedings.

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Emergency & Permanent Housing

We work to provide affordable housing options or vouchers, advocating to landlords on behalf of the people we serve to ensure they are able to overcome rental criteria hurdles. Once housed, we continue to support individuals and families by helping with timely payments, maintaining their home's cleanliness, and promoting long-term sustainability by ensuring they have necessary resources.

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Our Programs

Day Space

Our physical presence in the city provides critical basic services to support individuals and families as they seek to survive on the streets. The following services are made available to 80-100 individuals and families on a weekly basis:

  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Mailing Address
  • Storage Lockers
  • Internet Access
  • Clothing
  • Laundry Services
  • Bus Tickets
  • Resources and Employment Assistance
  • Food For Family Members and Pets

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Dignity Village

Dignity Village is a 501c3 nonprofit which founded the Village Model: a commune-style shelter administered and operated democratically by the Villagers themselves. It has operated as a tiny home village in the NE Sunderland neighborhood since 2000.

JOIN partners with Dignity Village to provide housing case management through the InReach team and payroll administration to one staff on behalf of Dignity Village. By partnering with JOIN for InReach services, villagers can retain their case manager no matter where they go. JOIN employing the staff person for the Village relieves Dignity of the challenges of HR in small nonprofits. The Village Program Specialist provides data management/reporting, administrative advising, systems advocacy, liaison support, contract negotiations support, public relations support, academic research engagement, resource networking, financial reporting, etc. for Dignity Village

Learn more about Dignity Village here: