Our Mission

We seek out unhoused individuals and families in Portland and work with them to provide permanent housing.

About Us

Beginning in 1992, we engaged in experimental programs and services that helped bridge the gap between housed and unhoused communities and empowered people experiencing homelessness to be included in the civic decision making process. Six years later, in 1998, we were officially established as a nonprofit organization.

Since then, we have expanded our services to include street outreach to unhoused individuals and families, assistance to help homeless people obtain permanent housing, and ongoing support of newly housed tenants to ensure long-term housing stability.


To date, we have provided over $3M in rental assistance, placed over 200 households into safe, permanent housing, and ensured that 83% of households we’ve helped have retained their housing for at least 12 months.

Our Day Space, which we call ‘The House,’ provides critical basic services, including showers, restrooms, a mailing address, hygiene items, coffee, and conversation for up to 100 people daily and over 450 people since its inception.

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At JOIN, we believe that justice and dignity are keys to successfully serving our unhoused community by embracing their humanity and engaging them holistically. We do that by providing programs and services that are equitable to our clients regardless of their context. We operate with honesty; knowing that homelessness is over-represented in the tri-county area. And, we continue to study and implement effective strategies and resources throughout our organization to meet those disparities.

We’ve created a model of relationship-based engagement to offer homeless people the resources they need to define their own path to housing, empowering them to be agents of change in their lives.

We are hands-on, innovative, authentic, and community-first. We meet our clientele where they are in an effort to create a world where individuals and families have the systemic support they need to thrive.

Core Values

We are adaptable.

We embrace change and adjust whenever needed to better serve everyone we interact with.

We are anti-racist.

We firmly believe in and actively promote equity and justice. We understand that racism harms individuals and communities and we actively stand against it.

We collaborate.

We value teamwork, knowing that we can create more impactful solutions when we work together.

We treat all people with dignity.

Respect for all individuals is central to our work, shaping
all our interactions.

We make service a priority.

Dedicated to serving others, we always strive to create
a positive impact.

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