COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends, 

It’s no secret we are in uncharted waters right now. Recognizing that it’s important for each of us to do our part during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’d like to share our approach to the services that we will continue to provide during this public health crisis. 

By recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and public health advocates, JOIN is taking proactive and preventative action to help #FlattenTheCurve.

COVID-19 affects all people. This is a human crisis that does not discriminate. We are one community, whether housed or houseless, and we are all equally susceptible to this virus. It is our responsibility to limit the transmission of COVID-19 and to be conscious of the impact we have on our neighbors that may not have access to medical care and the safety of housing. 

Recognizing that our services are critical to our friends, we are implementing social distancing recommendations in the way we provide services. As a result, we are modifying access to JOIN’s Day Space, a congregate site. Our teams will instead mobilize to provide outreach and supportive services that prioritize the safety of our houseless neighbors and our staff. We are working in partnership with Multnomah County Joint Office of Homeless Services and coordinating with our community partners. 

Below is information for service users, partner organizations, and donors:

Day Space services and mail pick-up:

The Day Space is providing mail service on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from noon – 3 pm. Please visit during these hours and bring photo identification. Friends who are visiting will also have access to hygiene items and nutritional support (sack lunches, snacks, coffee, water, etc.) through our ADA entrance at 1435 NE 81st Ave, Portland. On Mondays and Wednesdays, hot meals are provided. On Fridays, Harbor of Hope mobile showers are on site. 

Check pick-up and delivery: 

Pick up: Representatives from partner organizations can pick up checks through our administrative office Monday – Friday, 2:30 pm – 4 pm. Please expect at least a 24 hour turnaround time on check requests and plan accordingly.

Delivery: If you currently receive financial support from JOIN for rent or other housing expenses, your caseworker will contact you to arrange check delivery. Please contact your case manager via phone or email if questions or additional needs arise. Team contact information is available at


COVID-19 will likely have a lasting impact on income and housing stability. Please consider making a donation to JOIN to help us support our community from the impacts of COVID-19. We will be continuing to provide rent assistance and housing support.

Ways to contribute: 

For questions about donations, please contact Katie at

Timing and more information: 

JOIN will provide modified services based on recommendations from health professionals, we are actively monitoring developments to inform operations on an ongoing basis.

Here are some helpful resources about COVID-19:

Lastly, wise words have been shared by WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during this time of fear and uncertainty that we’d like to now share with you: 

“Let hope be the antidote to fear.

Let solidarity be the antidote to blame.

Let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat.”

Thank you for looking out for each other,

Katrina Holland

Executive Director