SB 608: What You Should Know

As rent prices have soared throughout Oregon in recent years, many individuals and families have been forced out of their homes, often with short notice. To alleviate some of these problems, Oregon senators recently approved a bill to make Oregon the first state to enact statewide rent control. This bill is intended to protect renters by eliminating ‘no-cause’ evictions after month-to-month tenants have completed their initial twelve months of occupancy, and capping annual rental increases for buildings older than fifteen years. The intent of this bill is to make safe and stable housing more available throughout the state.

JOIN exists to support the efforts of homeless individuals and families transition out of homelessness into permanent housing. We have seen enormous success since our inception, having helped thousands make this challenging transition successfully. However, over the past three years, JOIN has seen a significant increase in the number of formerly homeless households who had been stably housed for 5-10 years, returning to ask for assistance to prevent eviction due to exorbitant rent increases, or seeking help to relocate to an affordable apartment.

Housing stability is a key indicator of success and well-being in every day life. Without a stable home, children are less likely to perform well in school, and more likely to have trouble engaging socially with their peers. Individuals struggling with this rapid rise in rental prices often also have difficulty affording adequate medical care and are more likely to suffer from health problems than those without similar concerns.

At JOIN, we believe that everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. This is why we work hard to advocate for causes that improve the quality of our wonderful communities here in Oregon, including SB 608. 

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