Rapid re-housing transforms lives across greater Portland

Daisy and her family were living in an apartment complex in Gresham when her husband was in a serious accident and suddenly everything changed. Daisy and her two kids – an infant and an eight-year-old – spent every day at the hospital for two months. Daisy’s husband was bringing in the family’s sole income, and without any way to pay their rent Daisy had to give up their apartment and sleep in the car with the kids. Her eight-year-old son offered to get a job at McDonald’s so they wouldn’t lose their home.

Sitting in the laundry room of her new apartment building with her baby on her lap, Daisy was overcome with emotion remembering the difficulty of that time. “I totally forgot about my needs,” she remembered. “All this time we were so focused to see what was going to happen to him, I ended up losing my car - we lost everything basically.”