JOIN Provides Mobile Permanent Supportive Housing Services

JOIN Provides Mobile Permanent Supportive Housing Services

When it comes to the thousands of individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness, typical strategies do not always result in long-term housing success. For these individuals, a solution known as ‘Permanent Supportive Housing’ is often used in order to build the skill sets required for tenancy, and connect these individuals with healthcare, treatment, and employment services in their local area. This technique has successfully reduced the amount of chronically homeless individuals in the United States by 26% since 2007.

Permanent supportive housing has been proven to lower public costs, and improve overall health in the community. By removing individuals from situations where they become dependent on crisis services like shelters, hospitals, jails, and prisons, the public doesn’t have to pay as much for those services. Additionally, when individuals have access to regular health care and treatment services, they tend to be more healthy overall than individuals that do not have the same level of access.

Here at JOIN, we use a similar strategy to help transition vulnerable individuals into permanent stable housing. JOIN’s Mobile Permanent Supportive Housing (MPSH) Team is charged with coordinating mobile retention for individuals and families that require permanent supportive housing. Our MPSH Team has proven the effectiveness of this method by transitioning thousands of individuals and families out of homelessness. We do this by offering mobile (we’ll meet you where you are!), individualized and culturally specific support including, but not limited to: job-finding assistance, medical and mental health referrals, childcare support and food box delivery.

The transition from homelessness to housing can be incredibly challenging, and new tenants are often burdened with the overwhelming feeling of isolation. Our MPSH team at JOIN builds relationships that are fundamental to help individuals and families re-establish healthy and meaningful communities. 

If you’re interested in supporting JOIN and our mission to help vulnerable individuals transition out of homelessness and into a home, please consider making a contribution to JOIN by donating today.