Home is where love lives.

JOIN connected the Jennings’ family to home. The family of five had previously been homeless. Thanks to their JOIN Case Worker, they were connected with Kami Gray Interiors to transform their house into a home.

As a single mother and a survivor of domestic violence, Natalie was beyond grateful to have a home to raise her children in that reflected their strengths as a family.

Natalie snuggled with her children in every room and said to each of them, “in our home, we don’t fight, only love lives here now.”

Each of the children couldn’t wait to cozy up in their new bed that was made special just for them!

This is what it’s all about, creating home where love can live.


Thanks to Kami Gray Interiors, Stephanie Mulac, Alana Spears, and Kitta Bodmer Photography for their work on this project.