JOIN exists to support the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition out of homelessness into permanent housing. Our efforts are directed at individuals sleeping outside or in their car in the Portland Metro area. Our service provision is not dependent on age, gender, race, ethnicity, faith, culture, language, sexual identity, specific diagnosis, or identifiable issue.

Values & Principles

  • JOIN always has been and always will be organic—living and evolving—because no one has all the answers.
  • Organizational simplicity—because responding to the complex issue of homelessness requires flexibility and creativity.
  • JOIN’s philosophy is one of inclusion—restoring connections and rebuilding community—because the experience of being without a home is of one of alienation, degradation, and dehumanization.
  • Homeless people themselves must be the primary agents of change—because paternalistic approaches are devoid of respect and devalue the strengths of the homeless people upon which long-term stability depends.
  • Relationships rather than rules—because in the end, it’s about the people.

Equity Statement

JOIN is committed to preserving the dignity, humanity, and uniqueness of each person that we work with on their path back to housing stability. To achieve this, we will:

  • Strive to ensure that all of our programs and services are equitable in both access and outcomes regardless of a person’s race, ethnicity, faith, culture, language, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or family status,
  • Operate with the knowledge that certain communities are significantly over-represented among those experiencing homelessness in Portland/Multnomah County and that there are disparities in outcomes for members of those communities,
  • Pursue effective strategies and devote dedicated time and resources at every level of our organization to address these disparities.

These efforts are performed in service to the vision of a community where outcomes cannot be predicated based on a person’s perceived identity. Click here for more detailed information about JOIN’s Equity Initiative.

2017 Service Achievements

  • JOIN helped 975 individuals transition from homelessness to permanent housing
  • This includes 122 families caring for 322 children under the age of 18
  • 82% of the households we helped into housing retained their housing for at least 12 months
  • JOIN’s retention team made more than 7,500 friendly visits to people in their new homes
  • JOIN provided over 4,200 instances of landlord or system advocacy
  • JOIN delivered over 1,400 food boxes to people in their homes
  • JOIN serves an average of 200 individuals each week at our “House” or basic service center
  • The racial and ethnic breakdown reveals that of the total people housed, 47.4% are Black/African American, 40.6% are White, 7.6% are Latino/Hispanic, 6% are Native American, and 3.2% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

Board of Directors

Chris Bonner, President, Hasson Company Realtors
Andrea Durbin, Vice President, Oregon Environmental Council
Kevin Kaufman, Treasurer, CBRE, Inc.
Anna Plumb, Secretary, Multnomah County
Angelette Hamilton, Kaiser Permanente
Tyrone Harvey, BHLLC Investments 
Rena Jimenez-Blount, Central City Concern
Evelyn Liu, Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce
Aaron Nawrocki, Capital M Lending
Sara Westbrook, Portland Police Bureau



JOIN founded to bridge the gap between housed and homeless communities through unique experiential “immersions”


JOIN creates the Community Connections Program to involve homeless voices in the search for solutions


JOIN hires our first Outreach Worker, helping 2-3 people off the street and into housing each week


JOIN opens the “House” to provide basic services to homeless folks through a barter system


JOIN expands the Outreach Team to 3 workers and helps people end their homelessness


For the first time, JOIN engages and helps to rapidly re-house families with children who are sleeping outside or in their cars


JOIN opens the doors to a more robust basic service center in the Brooklyn neighborhood


JOIN hires the first Retention Worker, recognizing the need for more housing retention support


In support of the community’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness, JOIN begins housing zero income chronically homeless people


JOIN says goodbye to founder Rob Justus after 15 years of leadership and welcomes Marc Jolin as the new Director


JOIN helps 518 people move into housing and makes over 3600 friendly visits to newly housed folks


A partnership with the United Way allows JOIN to implement an in-house supportive employment program


Outstanding individual and foundation support makes it possible for JOIN to open the doors to a new enhanced service facility on NE 81st Avenue


JOIN houses over 300 households and serves 80-100 people each day with basic services on the House


Thanks to unprecedented community support, JOIN celebrates 20 years of service and 6,500 open doors


JOIN launches a comprehensive equity initiative in order to critically examine all aspects of our work and our organization through an equity lens.


JOIN expands Street Outreach into East Multnomah County, partnering with the City of Gresham to hire 2 full-time Outreach Workers.


Despite the challenges of a tight rental market, JOIN helps an unprecedented number of people – 806 total – leave the streets for permanent housing.