Hullabaloo Week 1: Building Community & Trust

One of JOIN’s core principles is building relationships and community. Outreach workers do this day in and day out - connecting with our neighbors who are sleeping outside and living in precarious situations.

We’re gearing up for Hullabaloo 2022!

JOIN us as we celebrate with house parties all over the city to watch a program hosted by Poison Waters on October 7th at 6 PM!

How To File For Social Security Disability Benefits If Homeless

Being disabled and unable to work and earn a living can be stressful.…

Domestic Violence Contributes To Homelessness Among Women

Recent data from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual…

Lindsey’s Family

Garalyn’s Family

warm hands

City of Portland declares severe weather: donate blankets & other gear!

The City of Portland just declared severe weather, which means…
Veterans Day Parade

JOIN to March in the Veteran’s Day Parade

JOIN is honored to once again show support for homeless Veterans…