What is the Hullabaloo Housing First Campaign?

The Hullabaloo is JOIN’s signature fundraising event. All proceeds support JOIN’s work of transitioning our neighbors out of homelessness and into permanent housing. In 2020, we pivoted our annual fundraiser from being in-person as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we have decided to take the same approach to ensure the safety of our community.

How to become a Housing First Fundraiser: 

1. Create a digital campaign to raise funds for JOIN. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions and be available to connect with you to set up your page and troubleshoot along the way – fortunately, the platform we will be hosted on is simple and intuitive. You can learn more about how to your campaign here. All team captains also get a team captain hat!

2. Set a fundraising goal. We recommend a minimum of $500 up to however much you’d like to raise. An average goal that is attainable is $1,000 – $2,500.

3. Send out weekly and bi-weekly communications via any form you’d like: email, text, call, and social media to encourage people to donate. Reminder emails and communication templates that you can use as-is or tailor for your network will be provided.

4. Thank your friends, colleagues, and family that contribute to your campaign. This is easily done on the site. You’ll have access to see who gave, how much they gave, and their contact information.

5. Celebrate being a part of this year’s digital Hullabaloo by documenting your fundraising success via video and/or hosting a small, intimate gathering with your friends and family to celebrate our shared commitment to making housing opportunities a reality for members of our community.

Email [email protected] by September 2nd if you would like to become a Housing First Fundraiser!

2021 Sponsorship

The Hullabaloo is a celebration of what makes our community unique and vibrant!

Sponsoring the Hullabaloo is a great way to showcase your company’s generosity and makes it possible for JOIN to raise critical funds so we can continue to partner with our neighbors as they transition into safe and permanent housing.

Download our Hullabaloo Sponsorship Opportunities form or contact Njeri at [email protected] or (971) 330-0262 for more information.