Week 2: Together, We Keep Going

Juli shares with us this week how JOIN’s commitment to authentic relationships helped keep her going. JOIN operates from a series of core values and principles that shape every relationship we build with our friends. Today we share four of those principles with you:

  • We walk alongside: We value those experiencing homelessness as the primary agents of change centering respect, strength, and resilience.
  • Inclusive Community: We value restoring connections and rebuilding community – because the experience of being without a home is one of alienation, degradation, and dehumanization.
  • Flexibility & Innovation: We value creativity and adaptation in our responses to homelessness – because the issues are complex and multi-layered.
  • Non-judgmental: We accept each person without judgment and treat people with dignity and respect.

You’ll notice in the header above that we named this “Week 2.” To help celebrate thirty-years, partner volunteer-fundraisers across the city are connecting with friends and colleagues to help us reach a goal of $115,000 by October 31st! Over the next several weeks, you’ll receive highlights about JOIN programs. See below to learn how you can be involved too!

Help us celebrate with your own fundraising page and a chance to win a riverfront log cabin or three-day beach house getaway!  

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