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The beautiful thing about JOIN is when they take somebody who is not doing so well, who is struggling, and then you see that person get help and then you see them flourish. And, well, JOIN is life. Because they gave life to me. ~Natacha
For 25 years, JOIN has evolved, adapted and grown to meet the needs of the people we serve. Despite the challenges of the rental market and the growing need for affordable homes, JOIN continues to be one of our community’s best assets in the fight to end homelessness.
JOIN has had the honor of walking beside over 10,000 people on their path back to home. Click on the video to the left to hear just a few of the incredible stories of strength and resilience that inspire us everyday.
You can help us continue this critical work with a year-end gift to JOIN.
JOIN’s approach to helping people end their homelessness is a highly effective and cost-effective model. Each and every day, JOIN is…
…opening the doors to home
We’re helping 15-20 people leave homelessness for permanent housing each week.
…thinking strategically about tomorrow
We’re working upstream – addressing the complex issue of homelessness from a systemic perspective.
…using your dollars wisely
Our administrative rate is just 13%, which means that $0.87 of every dollar you give goes directly to ending someone’s homelessness.
…walking beside people on their path
We are guided by the wisdom and strength of the people we serve. We believe everyone deserves a place to call home.