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Home is where love lives.

JOIN connected the Jennings’ family to home. The family of five had previously been homeless. Thanks to their JOIN Case Worker, they were connected with Kami Gray Interiors to transform their house into a home. As a single mother and a survivor of domestic violence, Natalie was beyond grateful to have a home to raise […]

Domestic Violence Contributes To Homelessness Among Women

Recent data from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) shows that approximately ten million women and men experience physical violence by an intimate partner each year in the United States. Domestic abusers typically use violence as part of a larger strategy to exercise power and control over their partners and will often […]

Community Responsiveness To Homelessness

Community Responsiveness To Homelessness According to the latest data, there are approximately 4,177 individuals experiencing homeless on any given night in Multnomah County. 16% of these individuals are part of households with children, and 11% are veterans. Despite these unfortunate numbers, over the last few years, the local government in Portland has successfully increased the […]

Women Experiencing Homelessness Face Unique Challenges

Women Experiencing Homelessness Face Unique Challenges Individuals experiencing homelessness face a variety of challenging and sometimes life-threatening obstacles every day. However, when it comes to women experiencing homelessness, there are additional challenges that threaten their health and safety on a regular basis. Among these challenges are access to menstruation products and prenatal care, increased rates […]

JOIN Provides Mobile Permanent Supportive Housing Services

JOIN Provides Mobile Permanent Supportive Housing Services When it comes to the thousands of individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness, typical strategies do not always result in long-term housing success. For these individuals, a solution known as ‘Permanent Supportive Housing’ is often used in order to build the skill sets required for tenancy, and […]

Sleep Deprivation Impacts Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Sleep Deprivation Impacts Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Individuals experiencing homelessness face a multitude of daily challenges. Getting enough sleep is among these challenges, and it impacts their quality of life on a daily basis. When individuals are experiencing homelessness, the simple act of sleeping can be extremely difficult. With no way to secure personal belongings or […]

SB 608: What You Should Know

As rent prices have soared throughout Oregon in recent years, many individuals and families have been forced out of their homes, often with short notice. To alleviate some of these problems, Oregon senators recently approved a bill to make Oregon the first state to enact statewide rent control. This bill is intended to protect renters […]

Oregon Housing Statistics Compared With National Data

Every other year in the United States, Point-In-Time estimates are released that provide a detailed snapshot of homelessness nationwide. Creating this snapshot involves the participation of staff from homeless assistance agencies, county and city employees, as well as hundreds of volunteers across the country. We will be using this data to compare Oregon’s specific rates […]