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Rest in Peace Lordian Cross

By Colleen Sinsky Last month one of our JOIN friends who had recently moved off the streets passed away after a long battle against chronic health problems. Lordian was a double-amputee who strongly valued independence and refused to cave into the difficult circumstances life had handed to him. I wish I’d had the honor of […]

Not all rainbows and apartment keys…

By Colleen Sinsky Most of what I get to do at JOIN is uplifting or fun or at least a new challenge- but occasionally it’s just plain depressing. (And no one told me to just blog about happy things.) Quick excerpt from my morning spent with one of our challenging fellows that exemplifies the emotions […]

The JOIN Way

By Colleen Sinsky Many conversations in the office make some allusion to the nebulous “JOIN Way.” It’s a sort of undefinable set of principles that guides the work we do. I’m new, and underqualified to try to explain exactly the JOIN Way is, but it’s a beautiful thing to get to experience. It both encompasses, […]

Year Two…

By Colleen Sinsky I think I’m somewhere around my one year anniversary of working at JOIN.I’m just starting to experience annual events for the second time, and it’s all starting to feel a bit more like a comfortable- and of course chaotic- pattern.I transitioned last month from my full-time volunteer position being supported by the […]

My Year at JOIN

By Lindsay Rundquist I have been putting off writing this post, as the topic is encompassed perfectly in the cliché “words cannot describe”. We’ll start with JOIN as a culture. The individuals on staff here are some of the most compassionate, accepting, hilarious, FUN people I’ve ever met. You would be hard pressed to find […]


This will be a quick post..promise. I just had to share a brief moment from my day that just happened a moment ago here at the JOIN office. I had to fill out a quick intake form with a new household we’re housing. The woman, “Sonia,” whom I met for the first time today is […]

Love Is Building Bridges, Not Walls

By Colleen Sinsky This past week I had the opportunity to be part of a delegation of high school students who chose to leave their more comfortable lives to spend seven days on an immersion trip with the goal of building bridges between themselves and the homeless community ofPortland.Sponsored by JOIN, the Portland Plunge has […]

Even Jerks Deserve Housing

By Colleen Sinsky I was remembering back to one of my first days at JOIN, while I was tagging along with Quinn, one of our outreach workers. We were stopping in to visit one of the guys Quinn had housed recently. Now, the vast majority of our folks are some of the most wonderful, friendly […]

Lonely Apartments

By: Colleen Sinsky I feel like every opinion I offer has to be preceded with the disclaimer that: I’m new at this! Several months ago I didn’t know a thing about homelessness. I still don’t know much about the issue in general, let alone being able to make judgments or offer any insights. I do […]

Spring at JOIN

By Colleen Sinsky I feel like spring has finally arrived in Portland! I’ve never lived somewhere with so much color exploding in blossoms and flowers everywhere you look.It’s great, and I think that the mood among our folks living outside is starting to reflect the sunnier weather. This morning after our all staff meeting my […]