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To Do Lists

By Colleen Sinsky A friend of mine recently asked me, “so what exactly do you DO at work?”  She knows that I have this unique title, “Retention Worker” and that I do something related to housing advocacy at an organization that sounds like an acronym, but what exactly does that translate to in real life […]

Stranger In The Night

By Colleen Sinsky At times I can’t decide if the ability to draw a strict delineation between “work” and “life” is an ability I would want to have.  At the risk of this being a “TMI” post, Friday night for me was a glaring example of how the work I’ve done at JOIN has had […]

Am I Lucky or What?

By Colleen Sinsky One recent evening I got to take two of my favorite kiddos from JOIN out to try MY favorite hobby.. climbing!  They had so much fun, and made it to the top over and over again, even after declaring they were too afraid of heights to even try it.  They gym employees […]

A Humbling Experience

by Charlie Theuma, JOIN Board Member My son Brian (13) and I spent Monday night until 10:30 p.m. going around town with Quinn and seeing what it was like dealing with the homeless in Portland. Quinn is an amazing individual who shows the utmost respect to people, has a sincere interest in people’s problems and […]

Hope for Housing Assistance

By Colleen Sinsky To tell you the truth, when doing this kind of work against homelessness, I usually find it easier to keep my nose to the grindstone and maintain a pretty “zoomed-in” perspective of the housing crisis.  As an individual, I can see positive, tangible results with the individuals I’m working with that day. […]

The Power of Relationships

By Colleen Sinsky A few nights ago, Quinn and I attended an event that really brought home the importance of our relationship-based model.  A woman who we’ve both worked with, whom Quinn has known for over six years just celebrated her one year of sobriety.  “Melissa” had used hard drugs since she was a young […]

Write Around Portland Empowers Angie

By Colleen Sinsky “From all that I learned from abuse, I was told I was ugly, I was slow, I was being controlled, my self-esteem went down and down. I started feeling all those negative things so I walked around with no teeth in my mouth, not because I wanted to but because of being […]

JOINing the Team

By: Jamal Glover Where do I even begin? Honestly, this is my first blog ever and the first of many that Sydney Linden is forcing me to write (joking). So please bare with me because I don’t know where to begin. I’m the newest kid on the block here at JOIN and I began my […]

Homeless Soccer Mom

By Colleen Sinsky A family I’ve worked with for a while has struggled for years to maintain housing and keep steady work.  They have two beautiful, chatty daughters ages four and seven, both of whom run up to me yelling “Colleen!!” and wanting to be picked up whenever they see me in the office or […]

Happy 20th Birthday JOIN!!

By Colleen Sinsky Last Friday JOIN celebrated our 20th Birthday.  We threw an open-invite party at Westminster Presbyterian Church and got to spend the evening laughing, chatting, reflecting on the past twenty years and drinking delicious kombucha gifted by Townshends and Italian soda.  Cheerity Floral Design donated some beautiful flower arrangements. A huge spread of […]