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Retention Worker (Multnomah County)

Apply for this Position » JOIN (joinpdx.org) is a non-profit organization that exists to support the efforts of individuals and families experiencing homelessness to transition off the streets and into permanent housing. We are inspired by the vision of a community where everyone has a place to call home. JOIN has an organizational commitment to […]

Our Services: Housing Retention

JOIN believes that the best way to encourage stable and sustainable housing situations is to provide unique and individualized support to each household. Retention workers offer a myriad of post-placement support including job finding assistance, access to benefits acquisition programs, transportation to important medical and legal appointments, and friendship and general support. One woman commented, […]

Our Services: Immersion Program

At JOIN, we believe the best way to learn about the issue of homelessness is to talk to the people who are experiencing it. Our Immersion Program inspires personal involvement by bringing together diverse elements of the community. Over the course of a day, a weekend, or a week, you can learn about issues involved […]

JOIN Featured In Oregonian April 2, 2014: “The Pathway To Empowering Portland’s Homeless”

The celebration marked a milestone for Glisan Commons, a mixed-use transit oriented housing development, which will be the new headquarters for Ride Connection. Phase I, developed by Human Solutions, provides 67 units of housing for people earning 30 to 60 percent Median Family Income (MFI), or $15,000 to $30,000 for a single-family household. Phase II, […]

Our Services: Basic Services Center – “The House”

JOIN’s basic services center, known as “the House,” is a place to spark and support transitions off the street. At the house, we provide showers, storage lockers, laundry vouchers, mail pick-up, telephone access, and a place to escape the weather. It is also a place for homeless and newly housed folks to connect with friends […]

Our Services: Outreach & Engagement

There is an urgent need in our community to reengage homeless individuals who who have been unable to access the traditional system and its supports to move off the street. Oftentimes the experiences of chronically homeless individuals are characterized by isolation, alienation, and degradation.

Portland Oregon Homeless Shelters

On any given night, about 4,000 people sleep on the streets or in shelters across Portland. Homeless people can be adults, young people, couples or families with children. They are living on the streets, either temporarily or for the long term, for a variety of reasons. They may be homeless because of an untreated mental […]

Tears are okay- they help the pain come out

By Colleen Sinsky When I first met Susan, she was living in a tent with her pitbull on an undeveloped butte in East County.  Without opening her tent door, she yelled at me and Outreach Worker Quinn to please go away.  We obliged immediately and hiked back through the nearly invisible trail we’d taken to […]

Daily Ups and Downs

Apologies for the lack of blog posts for a while!  I’ve noticed how easy it is at JOIN to get sucked into the day to day chaos without stepping back to reflect (and blog!) about the experience.  And lately I’ve been putting energy into posting pictures and mini-stories onto our Facebook page. I was struck […]

We Are The Safety Net

Every day at JOIN, we encounter hundreds of examples of why the safety net is so hugely important to Portland residents who are too often overlooked.  Here’s a story of just one of those times when having flexible financial resources had an immediate, long-lasting impact on a hard working family in need. Last night I […]