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Andrew’s Story

Each year, we reflect back on the impact that we’ve had, and thank you for your support. Because of you, and the rest of our community, we’ve helped 1,522 individuals access resources to secure and remain in safe and stable housing.  We are honored to share the journeys of the individuals and families we help […]

One week, four stories

One week, four stories JOIN does the hard, day-by-day work of supporting people who have been left behind by the system, who have been in the position of being victims of systemic oppression–our work helps them build more sustainable lives: this is a glimpse of what that looks like.  Bob has a housing voucher. Although […]

Amplified Voices! Judas and The Black Messiah Review

Judas and The Black Messiah Review By Marlon Crump – Marlon is a JOIN participant with incredible writing talent “War is politics WITH bloodshed, politics is war WITHOUT bloodshed.” Chairman Fred Hampton’s audience address in “Judas and The Black Messiah.”   NOTHING fears an oppressor and a jealous, hateful person more than someone who can […]

2020 Impact Report

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for our nation and for our community. Despite the challenges and hardships, faced last year, JOIN’s team truly demonstrated our commitment to evolve and use creativity to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness. We’re proud of the work we did in the face of so many challenges. From providing rent […]

A message from Katrina Holland

The year to remember, right? Indeed. At JOIN we also see it as the year of opportunity. This is our opportunity to rebuild a system and an economy that refuses to leave people behind like the previous one did. This is our opportunity to remember that regardless of our housing situations – or lack thereof […]

Jolene’s First Cousin: Innovative SROs, one year later

ORIGINS of JOLENE’S FIRST COUSIN Two years ago, JOIN was approached by Guerrilla Development with a bold idea: reimagine affordable housing in a way that supports residents through community. The single greatest obstacle JOIN faces in supporting sustainable transitions off the street is access to housing that is actually affordable for the income our folks […]

“When I needed help, JOIN was there”

As we near the end of a tremendously challenging year, I’d like to share a story with you. JOIN has the privilege of witnessing incredible transformations and people overcoming hardships to create a future of possibility for themselves and their families. These stories energize our work and inspire us to continue day in and day […]

Canceling Rent Can Prevent Increases In Homelessness

It goes without saying that the world we live in has changed dramatically in the last six months. The year 2020 has brought a global pandemic that has caused widespread illness and unprecedented rates of unemployment across the world. While much of the unemployment was initially intended to be temporary, the lingering pandemic has caused […]

The Link Between Racism and Homelessness 

When considering homelessness in the United States, it is important to remember that poverty is not actually the biggest indicator of whether or not someone could experience homelessness in their lifetime. As it turns out, race, not economic status, is the biggest indicator of homelessness in this country.  Black, Indigineous, and People of Color (BIPOC) […]

Covid­19 Impact on Homeless Communities

To combat the spread of the Coronavirus, countries around the world have adopted social distancing measures and stay at home orders. In addition to the stay at home orders, individuals are being encouraged to wash their hands often and to maintain a much higher level of personal hygiene than they normally would. These measures and […]